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Services Offered

Backed by a team of experienced professionals, Hillen Real Estate provides professional, reliable and transparent advice and guidance based on ethical principles.


When purchasing a property in Spain you must be especially careful to ensure that the planning status of the property is clear from the outset. Failure to identify an existing planning issue could result in a very costly mistake. Failure to identify a planning restriction could mean that any building alterations or enhancements that you wish to carry out are unlawful.

Hillen Real Estate can provide an initial assessment and liaise, if necessary, with qualified, independent and reliable professionals to identify any planning restrictions and issues in relation to a property before you are committed to the purchase and can provide further guidance and advice regarding conveyancing services should you decide to proceed with your purchase.


One of the first things that you need to think about when selling your property in Spain is to ensure that your paperwork is in order if you want to avoid delays, expense and the possible loss of a sale further down the line. Hillen Real Estate can perform an initial assessment of your property and provide you with further guidance and advice regarding conveyancing services when a sales has been agreed..

Problem Solving

If you have concerns that your property lacks paper work and/or has planning issues or restrictions Hillen Real Estate can organise an assessment of your situation and help you to resolve the matter or minimise the effect using the appropriate good quality, indpendent legal advice.


We provide guidance and advice if you need to take legal action as a property owner. For example : ​

  • Claims for the existence of building defects in your property.

  • Claim before financial entities for amounts paid on account in the purchase and sale of dwellings if they are not finalised.

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